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Modular Screw-In M3 Stud Thermistor 100K NTC - RepRap Champion
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Modular Screw-In M3 Stud Thermistor 100K NTC

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Easy to install Hex M3 Stud Thermistor MK2 features:

  • Please note that this version based on currently produced EPOCS B57560G1104F as opposed to MK1 version which is based on obsolete EPOCS B57560G104F.
  • Higher working temperature limit of 280C due to high temp. industrial epoxy resin used.
  • Shorter M3 stud - 3mm as opposed to 4mm in previous version. This will allow to use shallower M3 threaded holes (such as on E3D heater block and clones).
  • Based on EPCOS 100K Thermistor B57560G1104F, see reprap wiki for more details.
  • Thermistor temperature table for firmware.
  • Temperature rating: -55 degC ~ +300 degC
  • Connector type: JST 2 pin connector, 2.5mm spacing.
  • M3 Stud threaded length: 3mm
  • Hex Body length: 6mm
  • Length of leads: 55mm
Package Contents
  • 1 x Hex Thermistor based on NTC EPCOS B57560G1104F 100k Thermistor.
  • 1 x JST Male connector with crimp-on pins.

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