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Hephestos 2 - 3D Printer

Hephestos 2 - 3D Printer

$ 929.90

A DIY printer with professional results

Hephestos 2 is based on the Prusa i3, one of the most popular models in the RepRap community. With the latest version, we have evolved it to create a professional printer, while maintaining the spirit of the original. We have opted for a new design that enables us to achieve a larger printing volume

Technical Specifications

Print Material PLA, wood, bronze, cooper and FilaFlex 1.75mm
Hephestos 2 Dimensions 450 x 605 x 571 mm (17.7" x 23.8" x 22.5")
Hephestos 2 Weight Product plus box: ~16kg (35.4 lbs)
Print Volume 210 x 297 x 220 mm (8.3" x 11.7" x 8.7")
Extrusion Diameter 0.4mm
Layer Resolution 50 - 300 micron
Safety Extruder is fitted with an In-house designed protector.

General Mechanics

  • Powder-coated steel base and frame.
  • Hard chrome bars for the Y axis.
  • LM8UU linear ball bearing on Y axis.
  • Recirculating ball bearing guides with flat runner for the X and Z axes.
  • Cable chain.
  • Flexible couplings for the screwed rods of the Z axis.
  • 3-point print bed levelling system with shock absorber.
  • Rapid system for changing print bed.


  • BQ Zum Mega 3D controller.
  • BQ Zum Inductive Sensor to aid levelling of the bed.
  • BQ Zum LCD Smart Controller graphical interface.
  • 100K thermistor on the hot-end.
  • Heat cartridge 12 V 40 W.


  • New features: auto-levelling, manual levelling using inductive sensor exclusively designed for 3D printing, power-saver system
  • Improved user interface
  • Files accepted: .gcode
  • Compatible operating systems: Windows XP or later, Linux and Mac OS X or later
  • Marlin Firmware Update Ver 1.1 (ZIP)
  • Slicing software: Cura, Slic3r


  • Standard SD card reader
  • Micro-USB type B port


Box Contents

  • Assembly guide
  • Warranty and FAQ
  • Structural elements
  • 4 GB SD card (with preloaded 3D example models)
  • 5 spare PTFE tubes
  • 2 cleaning needles
  • Spatula
  • Gloves

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