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Aluminum Carriage Plate V3 for Prusa i3, Wanhao Duplicator and Monoprice Maker Select - RepRap Champion
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Aluminum Carriage Plate V3 for Prusa i3, Wanhao Duplicator and Monoprice Maker Select

$ 24.99

Plates will be back in stock around February 26, we are machining next batch on the factory right now. 

As of January 27, 2017 this plate was updated. Updates include additional holes for placement of Y bearing that faces Y limit switch (this was necessary to ensure correct zero position on Y axis) and holes for original Maker Select / Wanhao Y belt holder.

Updated plate is now drop-in replacement for Maker Select / Wanhao Duplicator i3 and other clones of similar design. No drilling or other modifications are necessary.

Y carriage plate compatible with popular Wanhao Duplicator Plus, V1. V2 and Monoprice Maker Select Plus, V1, V2 printers. It is also compatible with wide range of prusa i3 style 3d printers that uses conventional 170mm Y-rod spacing.  

V3 plate can be set up for 140mm Y rod distance minimum and 170mm rod distance maximum, as well as anything in between - 150mm, 160mm etc. This made possible by using slots instead of holes. This way plate can be compatible with various china made printers fluctuating from original prusa i3 170mm rod distance. V3 plate bearing options are - original Maker Select / Wanhao bearings, SC8UU bearings and LM8UU bearings in 3d printed holders.

Universal Prusa i3 Carriage V3 features:
  • Works for standard prusa i3 designs with 170mm Y rod distance, as well as for Wanhao Duplicator and Monoprice Maker Select V1 and V2 with 140mm rod
  • Brushed, anodized 6061-T6 tempered aluminum alloy plate 3mm  thick (see drawing below for dimensions).
  • Fully compatible with all Prusa i3 variations, MK1/2/A/B heated beds. Drop-in replacement.
  • Has 2 x additional provisioning holes for 3 point level adjustment of build surface.
  • Allows 3 x linear bearing configuration as well as 4 x bearing configuration.
  • Linear bearing mounting options:
    • Standard Maker select / Wanhao bearings.
    • LM8UUa in 3d printed holders mounted with M3x12 screws & M3 nuts, STL file for 3d printed holders can be downloaded here
    • SC8UUs mounted with M4x10 screws.
  • Compatible with Aluminum Build Plates sold in our store
Package Contents
  • 1 x Anodized Aluminum Y Carriage Plate V3 for Prusa i3, Monoprice Maker Select, Wanhao Duplicator.

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