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Aluminum Groove Mount Plate for V5 Hotend - RepRap Champion
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Aluminum Groove Mount Plate for V5 Hotend

$ 7.98

This aluminum mount plate is alomst 1mm thicker than typical similar plates found on ebay. It is designed to be compatible with E3D V5 and clones which are know as having different size of groove mount from the rest of other hotend brands and types. E3D V5 has 5.6mm tall mount neck, while other types are equipped with 4.5-4.7mm tall mount necks. This difference requires special, thicker, mounting plate to be used for E3D V5. We offer that type of plate. With this plate you can mount E3D V5 on Greg Wade's extruder.

Plate can also be used with E3D V6 and clones, but since they have even taller than V5 mount neck - you might need to insert thin shim between plate and hotend to eliminate excessive play.

In addition to securing hot end to the cold end, plate works as heatsink. It cools down hot end entry channel, which reduces possibility of plastic clogging due to thermal expansion.

Please consult with supplied drawing and pictures for details.

Package contents:
  • 1 x E3D V5 Mount Plate

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