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3D Printer Heated Bed Power Module - RepRap Champion
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3D Printer Heated Bed Power Module

$ 12.99

This listing is for one power module for controlling 3D printer heated bed. If you plan to use silicone heater of large area heated bed, you most likely will overcome limitations for the current, that can handle your electronics. 

Heated bed power module features:

  • Dimensions: 60x50mm.
  • Mounting holes: 3.2mm diameter, for M3 screws.
  • Distance between holes: 54x43mm
  • Very powerful MOSFET to withstand higher current than normal RAMPS or other 3D Printer controller can handle.
  • Voltage: 12V-24V
  • Current: 25A safe for prolonged times. ensure active cooling of the heatsink.
  • This module is based on power MOSFET and will allow PID control of the heated bed (DC-DC Relays usually do not allow this)

Package contents:

  • One Heated Bed Power Module.
  • One connection cable for input signal

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