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3D Printer Heated Bed Build Plate Mounting Hardware Kit

3D Printer Heated Bed Build Plate Mounting Hardware Kit

$ 5.99

Use our hardware kit to mount your heated bed PCB or aluminum plate to a carriage or platform of your 3D Printer. We have 2 variants of this product - with hidden countersunk screws (mostly used to mount aluminum build plates) and regular socket head screws which are good to mount PCB heated bed. See supplied pictures for usage examples.

Silicone spacers in our kits is good alternative to typical springs. Silicone rubber can withstand high temperature, it has very low thermal conductivity compared to metal spring, and it is easy to make low profile installation using spacers. 


  • Cut rubber tubing with sharp blade. Make each spacer approximately 9mm long. Do not worry about imperfect cuts. Imperfections will not be visible after installation and height adjustment.
  • Use either M3 locknuts or supplied thumbnuts to mount heated bed to a carriage plate.
  • M3x9 Washers can help with making more correct installation of MK2 type of PCB heated beds, as it is pictured.

    Package contents:

    • 4 x M3x0.5 x 25 Stainless socket head screws (regular or countersink, as selected)
    • 4 x M3x0.5 Steel Locknuts
    • 4 x M3x0.5 Steel Thumbnuts
    • 8 x M3x9 Steel Washers
    • 1 x Silicone Rubber Tube, about 45-50mm long. Enough material to make 4 x 9mm long spacers.

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